About Us

Pam Lontos

Pam Lontos, President of Pam Lontos Consulting, consults with speakers, authors, experts, and businesses in the areas of sales, marketing, publicity, and speaking. Her insights and strategies enable clients to get more speaking business, sell more products, command higher fees, and become known as the leader in their field.

Pam’s background in retail, health club, and radio advertising sales combined with her professional speaking, sales training, and public relations expertise gives her unique insight into what will make her clients successful.


  • Former Vice President of Disney owned Shamrock Broadcasting where she doubled sales in one month and then went on to raise sales 500% in one year
  • An in-demand sales trainer who appeared on programs with Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Wayne Dyer, and Brian Tracy
  • Featured in numerous media outlets, including CNN, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, and Cosmopolitan
  • Founder of PR/PR, a public relations firm for speakers, authors, and businesses
  • Recipient of the 2011 IRWIN Award for “Publicist of the Year”
  • “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the National Speakers Association – CF
  • Master’s Degree in psychology and advertising
  • And now President of Pam Lontos Consulting

Pam is also the author of the popular books I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow Your Fame, Wealth and Success and Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It, as well as the mp3 sales course Guerrilla Tactics for Streetwise Selling.

Rick Dudnick

Rick Dudnick has been working with Pam since 1988, first as Vice President of the speaking business, Lontos Sales & Motivation, Inc., then as co-founder and VP of PR/PR. He is now the administrative head of the consulting business, Pam Lontos Consulting. His technical education and professional background has made him invaluable to the operation of the firm. He works extensively with client information, making sure that the varied elements involved in coaching run smoothly.