I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow your Fame, Wealth and Success
By: Pam Lontos & Andrea Brunais

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, speaker, author or other business professional, you need I See your Name Everywhere to grow your fame, wealth and success through the media!

In this book you will discover how easy it is to:

  • Get your name into magazines, radio, TV and the Internet
  • Overcome the 15 most common publicity mistakes
  • Prepare for a media interview and score positive publicity
  • Create a press release that gets the media’s attention
  • Efficiently deal with crisis communication

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Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It
By: Pam Lontos

Pam Lontos shares her story of being an overweight and severely depressed housewife who overcame tremendous odds to become one of the nation’s top saleswomen as well as one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the country.

In this book you will discover the strategies Pam used to turn her life around…and how you can use them too. She shows you how to:

  • Set goals
  • Use meditation and visualization for goal attainment
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover what you want to achieve in life
  • Reprogram your mind for success and happiness

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Guerrilla Tactics For Streetwise Selling
By: Pam Lontos

It’s a jungle out there. Are you tough enough to make it? Why does selling seem so easy for some salespeople and others struggle to meet quotas? While some people believe being a good salesperson is a gift you’re born with, the fact is that anyone can learn how to sell…even you!It’s time to reveal the real, honest truth about selling. This is street-wise selling – knowing how to combat the false objections and put-offs that you get every day from your clients. Guerrilla Tactics doesn’t restate old, tired clichés that don’t work. Instead, Pam tells you the truth about what does work on the streets. Pam has done it and can teach it.In this audio program you will discover the sales secrets that will enable you to sell more, with less effort.

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Guerrilla Tactics For Streetwise Selling (For Radio)
By: Pam Lontos

Using broadcast terminology and specific examples only found in radio sales, this program will show your team how to sell your station and turn prospects into paying clients.

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How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success in 30 Days
By: Pam Lontos

Reprogramming your mind is the key to success. In this exciting seminar, Pam will reveal how you can change your thoughts and release your hidden potential. Learn the creative approach to using the energy within you to get exactly what you want from life. Click here for more information.

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