Pam Lontos has ‘Been There and Done That.’ She did a marvelous job in advancing her career at a speed that astonished the other people in the industry, including me. Her experience in sales, marketing and public relations, along with her media savvy, jump-started her career… and she can do the same thing for you. She’s capable, committed and hard working.” Zig Ziglar


The time I have spent with your firm has rewarded my career 10 fold. I have seen a direct correlation between the publicity and placements from your firm and my calls for speaking engagements. I have been able to fill my calendar and raise my fee twice this year thanks to you.” Dr. Maurice Ramirez,
author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness


In less than 18 months of working with Pam, I have seen the result to be more bookings at higher fees and a noticeable increase in product sales.” Lydia Ramsey,
author of Manners That Sell: Adding the Polish That Builds Profits


Pam Lontos is one of the best in the business and I recommend her highly. She’s done and she knows how to teach it.” Brian Tracy,
Author of over 45 books


You literally jump-started my career in a way that I didn’t think possible. Having been in marketing, I know that hiring you was one of the best things that I had done. I heard it takes a good three years to build a speaking business profitable enough to live on. With your help, we’ve shortened that time down…in the six months we’ve worked together, you have done the impossible.” Laura Michaud,
The Michaud Group


Pam’s ideas for marketing my business and book are full of wisdom. She has helped me design a dynamic book cover and is working on a press release for the pre-publication kit. In addition, she has helped me write ads and articles.” Joyce Weiss,
The Corporate Energizer


I love working with you. You are a ‘doer’ – not a talker. You have gotten results and you have lots of ‘chutzpa.’ Ever since I started with Pam, people keep saying, “I see your name everywhere.” I doubled my speaking fee. Pam is the best!” Barbara Hemphill,
Author of Taming the Paper Tiger